Wednesday, 27 November 2013

List Of Plugins For Wordpress Theme Development

Theme development of wordpress is really easy with little knowledge of php and css.
In the past i used work for the company where i build wordpress theme. When i was working , i used to build a theme in 2 days , actually our work is to convert PSD (Photoshop) Template to Wordpress Template.

Getting on to the topic, as i said building a WP(Wordpress) Theme is really easy, now while building the template you have keep in mind that you must use a list of plugins which comes in handy for development purposes.
These plugins will be to make our work easier and faster. List goes as follows.

1.Custom Post Types UI:

Custom post types UI plugins is the wonderful plugin for creating custom posts, if you dont know what are custom posts, follow this tutorial here. This plugin comes handy when you create banners , Custom posts for easy usage purposes.

2. Widgets On Pages:

Widgets on pages is simple plugin to create widgets,as we can use widgets easily with out even difficult coding, when we create a widgets we can call widget any where with simple short code any where or we can call with function of widgets on pages. I prefer this plugin while coding.

3. Option Tree:

Option Tree is the plugin used for creating theme options for WordPress blog, if you have knowledge on PHP or CSS, you can create your own theme with theme options in it. This is best plugin for making WordPress themes user friendly.
In Upcoming tutorials i will explain you the tricks and tips about the Option Tree.

4. All in One SEO Pack:

While developing we may not use SEO but after building a site, we definitely  SEO, so i will install this plugin first, i mean i install all the above plugins firsts and then start coding a theme. SEO is important factor for any blog or website. Do not forget to add this plugin.

5. Bannerspace Slideshow

Bannerspace plugin is one of the free slideshow plugin which helps in creating slideshows to the blog. You dont have to do any thing rather than adding slideshows, for your flexibility use some css code, if you know it ;)

The above  are the plugins which i use mostly when i code a theme, if you have any plugins which are important please share in comments.

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