Saturday, 30 November 2013

Wordpress Theming Basics

Wordpress theming is easy when you know a little bit of programming, i mean basics will be quite enough. Now a days many sites are developing themes, even many are working on themes, i worked for a company on creating themes, They will throw us a PSD Template and we must a develop a theme as per the requirement.

So What we need to create a WP(Wordpress) theme?

We need to

1. Understanding Wordpress
2. PHP,CSS, HTML coding basics.
3. How WP works.
4. List of files for Theming.

Basically WP is easy when you know how WP works, actually WordPress is developed by PHP,HTML,CSS and MYSQL database.
Leave MYSQL we wont discuss much about that, but when it comes to theming we must follow these above steps.

1.  Understanding WordPress:

When you understand WP then you can develop a easy theme in hours, you would not worry in understanding WP, im there to explain about it. Most of the useful components in WP are
Plugins, Styles, Users , Posts, Pages, Custom Posts, Options.
If you do some research on these points then you will get to know more about WordPress. In upcoming tutorials i will explain you to develop a theme by creating your own theme options. Coding is too easy when you know how programming works. Okay just do some research in the above topics i mentioned.

2. PHP,HTML,CSS coding basics.

I dont explain much now about coding because you will get confused. Now, i will tell you why these basics are important. PHP plays plays a vital role when you develop a function of your own or new custom posts of your own. I mean custom development, then you will require a lot. My suggestion is that learn some basic tutorial on PHP. It plays vital role in developing a theme. As for HTML and CSS these are basic thing to learn, with out these entire web world wont work.Please learn these programming language basics. They are important.

3. How WP Works:

WP works on PHP,HTML, CSS and MYSQL Databases. Every thing in your WordPress site is stored in database. When you write a post on your blog , the content of the blog will be stored in database(MYSQL) .
Every content that you add in WordPress will be added to the database.

4. List of Files For Theming.

I personally use some of the files for themeing WP themes and rest of them are by using plugins, so here is the entire list of files which are used for theming a WP theme.


These are required files for creating a WP Theme and there more files to read, but read them on this page.

The following above are the basics for developing a theme. These are most important factors to build a theme in WordPress.

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